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Hiring can be time consuming. We can help. Capital Area Michigan Works! can develop a plan to help you find the right person, or people, quickly and efficiently, all at no cost.
  • In Ingham County, call 517-492-5516
  • In Eaton County, call 517-541-8971
  • In Clinton County, call 989-224-2000 

Step One: Get Connected

You don’t have to handle the entire hiring process alone. We have trained staff to help with all of your human resources needs.

Step Two: Develop a Hiring Plan

Working together with our team, we’ll help you get ready for a smooth hiring process.
  • Determine if your hiring need is urgent or upcoming.
  • Review and update the existing job description, or let us create one for your review and use using O*NET.
  • What tools will work the best to find you the candidates you need? Utilize resources such as the The Pure Michigan Talent Connect, our award wining Employer of the Day program, local classified advertising, social media, Career Services networks at local colleges, bi-annual Job Expos and local media to connect with qualified candidates.
  • Decide what role our employee placement services team will play. Would you like us to collect applications? Screen resumes? Arrange or conduct interviews? However we can help, we will.
  • Determine if the National Career Readiness Certificate is an appropriate tool in your hiring and assessment process.

Step Three: Take it to the Next Level

Have a particularly hard-to-fill job, or are you going through a facility opening or expansion? Don’t worry. We can help there too.
  • Can’t find a candidate able to step right into the job? Explore with our employee placement services team if On-the-Job Training Grants are right for your vacancy. We may be able to reimburse up to 50 percent of a candidates wage while he or she is in training.
  • Find yourself wishing you could just send a candidate to school and hire them when they finish? You can. Our Scholarship Program allows employers to partner with us to screen candidates to receive tuition in in-demand training programs to help fill your vacancies.
  • Need to hold a job expo all of your own? Need to do a large-scale training to ramp up for a new facility or major expansion? Have another special circumstance? We’ve seen it all. Let us help organize a creative solution for you.

Step Four: Determine What’s Next?

Our goal isn’t just to help you fill one job. It’s to build a long-term relationship and to become an extension of your human resources function. Once you’ve made a great hire, it’s time to figure out what’s next.
  • Assess what worked, what didn’t and how to improve the process for next time.
  • Have you connected with the right council for your industry to take advantage of all their tools and resources: Capital Area Manufacturing Council and Capital Area IT Council.
  • Are you aware of upcoming hiring, or common cycles in your hiring, and how can we help so the process is stress-free and easy for you?
  • Do you have other vacancies you need to fill? Do you have hard-to-fill jobs? How can we use our tools and resources to help?
  • Do you have internal training needs with your existing staff? Our Incumbent Worker Program may be able to provide training grants, in partnership with our councils, to upgrade the skills of your current workforce.